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Sigma Black Belt Leadership & Project Management Note on Leadership Types, created by Kate O'Connor on 09/28/2015.

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Transformational Leadership

Unites followers in a shared vision. Improves an organisation and society at large. Delivers true value, integrity and trust. Based on communication being key to goal achievement

Functional Leadership

Helps a group perform a task, reach their goal or perform their function Encourage functional behaviours and discourage dysfunctional ones Coaching, mentoring types Environmental monitoring Organising subordinate activities Teaching and coaching subordinates Motivating others Intervening actively in the group's work

Path-Goal Leadership

Clears the path toward the goal of the group, by meeting the needs of the subordinates Four leadership behaviours: achievement-orientated, directive, participative and supportive Fluid behaviours, leaders adapt to any of the four depending on the situation. Leaders then need to be able to identify which behaviour is required in each situation.

Common Leadership Traits

Ability to adapt Do more than 'transact' (transactional leadership builds power by doing whatever will get more followers) Empower Evoke responses in the right direction (get buy in) Inspire

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