Beneath The Floorboards - Performance Analysis SAC Notes

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Year 11 Media + Drama (Drama) Note on Beneath The Floorboards - Performance Analysis SAC Notes, created by Maddy Owen on 10/30/2015.

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Beneath The FloorboardsPerformance AnalysisNotes:Characters- Ben = Scott Middleton- Sarah = Jessica Nichols- Rhonda = Dan Goronszy- Ethan = Oliver Skrzypczynski- Gary = Christian GreenSymbolysim- pink paper (lies), being laid out for Rhonda to walk on- Makeup is like a cover up of secrets (Rhonda + Ethan)- Ethan is Ben's ulterego and hidden personality- The doll symbolising Sarah, Ben 'practising' on Penny, the physical theatre of Sarah replicating the dolls movementsLighting- Helped differentiate location- Symbolism- Enhanced mood by making it more dark and 'secretive'- The interrogation scenePhysical theatre- The scene where Ethan 'fights' with Ben, eventually walking on him --> to suggest that Ethan is stronger than Ben and he controls him- The playful banter and lust between Ben and Sarah shown in physical theature- The doll and Sarah Expressive Skills - Oliver 'Ethan' had a very menacing, high pitched voice to almost annoy Ben and the audience, it reflected the character and what they represented- Dan 'Rhonda' used very blank expressions, perhaps to portray shock and the fact that she was hiding secrets- Oliver also walked differently, almost like a puppet and had a very unusual way of moving around the stage. This suggests that he doesn't represent the 'normal' part of Ben and the parts that are twisted and unusual

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