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GCSE Computing (Programming Languages) Note on IDE facilities, created by Kwame Oteng-Adusei on 02/09/2016.

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An Integrated Development Environment provides facilities for computer programmers to develop software applications

Source Code Editor - Text editor designed for writing and editing source code of programs Syntax Highlighting - displays source code in different colour according to the category of terms (strings, functions) to improve readability Autocomplete - source code editor predicts a word or phrase the user wants to type without the user typing it in completely Bracket Matching - highlight matching sets of delimiters to help spot omissions Auto Indentation - Automatically ident nexts line when return key is pressed

Debugger - Test code to highlight and remove programming errors Breakpoints - intentional stopping of the program at a specific place so that the programmer can see if the code is functioning correctly up to that point Single Stepping - allows code to be run and inspected one line at a time, so that the effect of the instruction can be evaluated in isolation Variable Tracing - view the values of variables at any stage in the running of the program, to check if their values are as expected

Auto-Documentation -documents all variables and modules used in text or XML file

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