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similarities in figures

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Similar Figures revision

The Tranfiguration Transformation

side OA times 3 gives 9 spaces, corresponding ray gives enlarged shape c) * points are between PR are seen passing through ii) PS PS', PR PR', PQ PQ'

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2 figures are similar if one is an enlargement (or reduction)example explain:PQR and ABC ar similar figures, triangle PQR has been enlarged from PQR ,a) find the centre of enlargement factor of enlargement = new shape _____________ old shape

draw a concluding line towards one meeting point

a) rays from points (AP, CR, BQ) , point of intersection is the centre of enlargement (W)b) k = 7.5 distance of WR /5 units of WC

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Investigation 2 -*1 the matching angles are equal and 2 ) the matching sides are in the same ratio. ( sides are therefore in proportion)*the ratio of the lengths of the sides shows the enlargement factor.- figures are similar due to their properties ,angles ae equal and corresponding sides are in the same ratio

enlargement factor is found by drawing 9/6 , so hence to find x , 9/6 times 7 ..enlargement factor to enlarge or reduct one side..

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testing triangles for similarity

in triangle ABC and CDE : /BAC = /CDE ( alternating angles on // lines) /ABC =/CDE (alt,angles ) /ACB = /DCE (VERT. OPP)


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Making a scale drawing

Find the real lengths involved decide how large the drawing will be choose a appropriate scale transfer te real lengths into scale lengths using the scale

*to decide on a scale, find the ratio of thelength available for the drawing to the length of the real object.scale = length of drawing:length of objectExample 1- a scale drawing 7.5*5.5

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