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Using GoConqr to teach English literature
Sarah Egan
Using GoConqr to study English literature
Sarah Egan
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New English Literature GCSE
Sarah Egan

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Act 1 Scene 1TomPage 12 - "When it comes to doing anything properly, they've got no idea... It's the same with the way they run everything. They're boneheads. They don't comprehend."MayPage 13 - " 'I'm free of her!' It was you."TomPage 13 - "I didn't say 'free of her'. I said 'free of here'. "MayPage 22 - "And the girls like to pick up a bit extra to eat when they're out of the house, for they get little enough at home. All the titbits go to their fathers and the brothers get what's left."SarahPage 28 - "The main thing I've got against the Kaiser is that he didn't declare war three year ago. Because then I wouldn't have got a kid and got married."EvaPage 36 - "Mary Cotteril's brother was stopped putting word in his letters home about the rats and lice in the trenches. The officer said he had to out uplifting things about how cheerful they all are."MayPage 40 - "And suddenly it all seems more possible. I never believed the war would make a difference like this."Page 41 - "And Tom's a dreamer just like father was. That's what worries me."Page 42 - "unless you've some form of independence you have to be dependent on some man or other. And if you lose... that... they won't look at you."

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