Hitlers Path To Dictatorship

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GCSE History (Germany) Note on Hitlers Path To Dictatorship, created by Olivia Brooklyn on 03/26/2014.

Olivia Brooklyn
Created by Olivia Brooklyn over 5 years ago
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27th February 1933The Reichstag Fire Reitchstag building in Berlin destroyed Marinus van der lube (Dutch communist) found at the scene and appeared to act alone Nazis claim this was the start of a communist plot to take over Germany 4,000 communist leaders arrested Next day Hindenburg was persuaded by Hitler to grant emergency powers Gave police power to arrest people and hold them as long as they wanted without trial Thousands of people who opposed to Nazis were arrested Nazis banned meetings held by politicians opponents and closed down newspapers

5th March 1933New Elections Nazis used police and SA to put pressure on their political opponents Nazis used radio to broadcast anti-communist message Nazis achieved best election result - 44% of the vote

24th March 1933The Enabling Law Hitler wanted more The law gave Hitler power to pass laws without going through Reichstag or President Law placed power in his hands In order to achieve this Hitler needed 2/3 to support - persuaded people to give up their power and hand it to Hitler Communist party banned from voting The centre party were persuaded to vote for law because Hitler promised to protect Catholic Church Only social democrats voted against Law passed 444 : 94 Weimar Republic and democracy in Germany ended Germany now dictatorship - all decisions made by Hitler and close advisors

2nd May 1933Trade Unions Take Over Trade unions officers were taken over and leaders arrested Trade unions merged into one - German Labour Front (DAF) controlled by Nazis

July 1933All Political Parties Banned Law introduced banned people from forming new political parties Social democratic party and communist party banned No party allowed to challenge Nazis

29th - 30th June 1934Night Of The Long Knives Hitler concerned about SA increasing power Over 3 millions members and wanted control of the army Leader of SA (Ernst Rohm) was Hitlers friend but Hitler thought Rohm was potential rival and need reassure army Army smaller than SA but well trained and disciplined Only organisation that had the power to overthrow Hitler Army leaders feared SA taking over and resented the violence they used. The army was supported by powerful business men and Hitler wanted to expand army and get new weapons On the night SA leaders dragged from bed, taken to Nazi headquarters and shot dead Rohm arrested, refused to commit suicide and was shot in prison Warning to Germany about ruthless Hitler in pursuit of power

2nd August 1934Death of Hindenburg Hitler made himself president and chancellor Hitler disputed head of government


August 1934 Army Oath Oath of personal loyalty to Hitler Hitler now Supreme Commander of army German soldiers risk their life for him

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