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The boy in striped the pyjamas essay Discovery is defined as uncovering something you were unaware of or oblivious to previously. The novel ‘the boy in the striped pyjamas’ by Boyne, Is based on a boy filled with naivety in WWII who encounters an untimely end due to a friend behind a fence of hell. Discoveries can reveal the darkness behind the seemingly kind souls. These ideas of discovery are explored through the following themes pure evil, inequality and hidden truths. The purpose of the text is to inform the children of the world of the tragedies that took place in the war. This book is used to illuminate the naïve minds of younger generations.   Boyne explores the concept of pure evil; evil is defined as cruelty and incorporating inhumane ways of life during everyday interactions. Boyne creates the properties of pure evil through the character Lt Kotler. In the early stages of the book, Bruno encounters Lt Kotler’s evil side which he encounters this because of his desire to make a tyre swing. The lead up to the revealing of Lt Kotler’s evil interactions is Bruno wanting to have a tyre which this is where Lt Kotler makes a rude remark about Sargent hoffschnieder afterwards he calls Pavel over in an uncourteous way, and then treats him cruelly for no apparent reason. This is demonstrated through the following quote “come here you ___’ He said the word again and something about the harsh sound of it made Bruno look away and feel ashamed to be part of this at all” pg. 75 The atmosphere of this quote is cold and shameful and makes you feel as if you are one of the main offenders of the evil happenings. Throughout the novel I have come to an understanding that pure evil lurks within the ashamed souls with hatred filled hearts and that not everyone has good intentions.  As the novel progresses, Bruno gains knowledge of inequality through the discovery of his new found friend schmuel. In the later stages of the book, Bruno comes to find his friend Schmuel in his kitchen instinctively he offers him food. Soon afterwards Lt Kotler comes into the kitchen. After Lt Kotler beats schmuel this is a horrid example of inequality, seeing as though it was just a thin slither of chicken. This is shown through the quotation “Answer me!’ shouted Lt Kotler. ‘Did you steal something from that fridge?’  ‘No sir, he gave it to me.’ Said schmuel, with tears welling up in his eyes.”Pg.171. This quotation creates an atmosphere of inequality and unjustness, as well as the feeling of pain and misfortune. Therefore I have learnt that unfortunately there are differences in the world that therefore lead to inequalities. Throughout the novel, Boyne portrays the discovery of the hidden truths through Bruno’s interactions with Pavel. Bruno comes to find the hidden truth due to a little mishap on the swing in the early stages of the book. He comes across pavels past because of his incident. This is where pavel admits to being a doctor, and learns that what you see at first is not necessarily what is real. This is shown through the quote “If you are a doctor, then why are you waiting tables? Why aren’t you at a hospital somewhere” pg.83 the atmosphere of this quotation is curious and questioning. Through the novel I have learnt that if you've judged one, by how they look your answers may be wrong. 

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