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Understanding management, leadership and decision making What managers do - roles include; setting objectives, analysing, leading, making decisions and reviewing Types of management and leadship styles and the influences on these - theories include; Tannenbaum Schmidt Continuum and the Blake Mouton Grid Effectiveness of different styles of management and leadership

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Understanding management decision making The value of decision making based on data (scientific decision making) and on intuition - scientific decision making includes; understanding and interpretation of decision trees and calculating expected values and net gains. Decision making to include an understanding of; risks, rewards, uncertainty and opportunity cost The use and value of decision trees in decision making Influences of decision making - influences include; mission, objectives, ethics, external environment including competition, resource constraints and bias

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Understanding the role and importance of stakeholders The need to consider stakeholder needs when making decisions - stakeholder mapping; comparing stakeholder power and interest Stakeholder needs and the possible overlap and conflict of these needs Influences on the relationship with stakeholders How to manage the relationship with different stakeholders - managing the relationship with different stakeholders includes; communication and consultation

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