Coral Reefs - Support Systems and Goods

Caitlyn Grayston
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A-Level Geography (A Level Biodiversity Under Threat) Note on Coral Reefs - Support Systems and Goods, created by Caitlyn Grayston on 05/31/2017.

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Life Support Systems:Biodiversity: Home to over 25% of all known marine fish 4000 species of reef living fish and 800 species of reef building corals have been identified Shoreline Protection:Buffer coasts from wave erosion and the impact of storms at a lower cost than artificial defencesGreen Lungs:Helps to regulate acidity of water by absorbing carbon dioxideNutrient Cycle:As corals break down and die it provides nutrients and food for other species Recreation:Tourism - generates $5.7 billion to the Australian economy

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Goods:Food: 20% of animal protein consumed comes from marine environments Coral reefs provide 25% of the total fish catch Reef fisheries feed 1 billion people Medicines:Algae and sponges yield bioactive compounds used by the pharmaceutical industryRaw Materials:Coral reefs can be mined for limestone for constructionKnowledge:Can be used for education and research - ideal habitats because of their shallow water and easy accessibility from the shoreAquarium Trade: Soft corals, sea anenomes, sea horses and small tropical fish can be used for aquarium trade Black coral can be used for jewellery

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