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A-Level Geography (A Level Technological Fix) Note on Digital Access Index, created by Caitlyn Grayston on 06/02/2017.

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The DAI was created in 2003 and measures the overall ability of individuals in a country to access and use new ICTs. The DAI is built around 4 fundamental aspects of a country's ability to access ICT; infrastructure, affordability, knowledge and quality and actual usage of ICT. The DAI allows countries to see how they compare to peers and their relative strengths and weaknesses. It provides a transparent and globally measurable way of tracking progress towards improving access to ICTs. High Access Countries: Sweden - 0.85 Denmark - 0.83 Iceland - 0.82 Low Access Countries: Bhutan - 0.13 Sudan - 0.13 Comoros - 0.11

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Conclusions of ICT access: Closely connected to wealth of a nation but not solely Apart from Canada ranked 9th the top 10 countries are Asian and European First 4 Asian Tigers have made the greatest progress in ICT over time English is no longer a decisive factor in rapid technological adoption as more content is made available in other languages Fast broadband is demanded for competitive businesses Access is unequal, recession may increase inequality

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United Arab Emirates:Burj Tower Dubai; Dubai Internet city - important information technology park Created by government as free economic zone Factors Affecting Access: Isolation [physical] Land formation [physical] Being illiterate [physical] Climate [physical] Geology [physical] Location - some tech only works in certain places [physical][environmental] Government [political] Censors [political] Natural hazards [environmental] Weather [environmental] Catholic - contraception [religion] Amish [religion] Ethics - GM crops [religion] War [military]

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