Intermediate Tech - Small Dams

Caitlyn Grayston
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A small dam is around 15 meters high and 300 meters long It was built in Adis Nifas in Ethiopia to meet more targeted needs than the Tekeze Dam It was built by the local community with support from the Relief Society for Tigray which provided machinery and money The dam is close to the fields and manages to retain water for most of the year even during the dry season Each family in the village has been given a 1/4 of a hectare of irrigated land, fruit tree seeds and elephant grass to plant in the earth walls to stop them eroding away Environmental Impacts: Mosquitoes may gather on stagnant water Water can be used to irrigate crops Social Impacts: Manages to retain water all year round even through the dry season Irrigated areas have provided food security for locals Can be maintained by locals Economic Impacts: Cheap as the Relief Society for Tigray provided materials and machinery Was built by local people which gave them a job

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