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                                                                                                                                 today very actually io games spinner style Now the most famous toy is the spinner and it is believed that you are very cool, if you have such a thing. Based on this fun toy and this multiplayer game is created, you can start the passage of which right now. In it, players from different corners of the globe can jiggle and improve the characteristics of their spinner, and then take part in fights in special arenas. To give the spinner maximum acceleration, it is necessary to collect multi-colored points on the map. Spin your toy better than the rest of the players and get a good reward for it. Do not forget that when the spinner spins, you will need to touch them other users and thus neutralize them.                                                                                                                                    The Spinners captured the real world and now moved to virtual reality. Now you can play a multiplayer game with spinners. You get to the playing field with your spinner, at first, it does not spin to spin it, collect colored crystals. And when you get big turns, you can defeat other players, just face them to destroy them. But be vigilant, there is always someone with an even larger spinner, which can destroy you. Good luck!