Mappings in Informatica: Create, Components, Parameter, Variable

Jose Angel Ovando Quintero
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Introduction to mappings in Informatica PowerCenter

Jose Angel Ovando Quintero
Created by Jose Angel Ovando Quintero over 2 years ago
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Mapping - Mapping is a collection of source and target objects linked together by a set of transformations.  Source Definition - Defines the structure and characteristics of the source. Transformation - Defines how the data is transformed, various functions can apply. Target Definition - Defines where the data will be loaded Links - They connect source with transformation and with target.

Components of Mappings Source tables Mapping parameters and variables Target objects Mapping transformations​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Mapping Source : Mapping sources are the objects from where you fetch the source data. It can be a database, flat file, XML source or COBOL file source Mapping target:  Mapping target is our destination where final processed data gets loaded. Mapping target can be a relational table of a database, a flat file or XML file. Sources and targets are mandatory in any mapping, their type can differ Mapping Parameters and Variables : Mapping parameters and variables helps you to create temporary variables that will help you define and store temporary values ​​while mapping data processing. Mapping parameters and variables are optional users defined data types, which can be created for mapping and can be referenced and updated for a specific requirement. We will learn more about mapping parameters and variables in this section Mapplets : They are objects which consist of a set of transformation, source or targets. Mapplets are generally created to reuse the existing functionality of a set of transformations. It can be used in any of the mappings.