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[blank_start]Palette of Narmer[blank_end] Upper and lower Egypt united by king narmer 3100 B.C.E On front Narmer and troops examine decapitated enemy dead On back Narmer is about to strike the enemy [blank_start]Cuneiform[blank_end] 3000 B.C.E People of ancient Mesopotamia were using this Wedge shaped characters, system of simple symbolic pictures Keep agricultural records [blank_start]Ideograms[blank_end] Combine cuniform pictograms abstracted People of ancient Mesopotomia Represent more complex ideas [blank_start]Hieroglyphics[blank_end] Used by ancient Egyptians Pictorgraphic writing Glyphs represent units of sound [blank_start]Rosetta stone[blank_end] Frenchman Jean Francois Champoilion deciphered it A large stone fragment Found near the town of Rosetta in the nile delta 1822 deciphered Incised on the stone is a decree in honor of the egyption pharoh Ptolemy in three different languages, one of which is Egyptian hieroglyphics [blank_start]Osiris[blank_end] Most important of the Egyptian godes [blank_start]Monotheistic religion[blank_end] Belief in a single supreme being [blank_start]Great pyramids of Giza[blank_end] Built during the 4th dynasty of the old kingdom Pharos cheops chefron mycerinus tombs
  • Palette of Narmer
  • Cuneiform
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Ideograms
  • Rosetta stone
  • Osiris
  • Monotheistic religion
  • Great pyramids of Giza
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