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Question 1

[blank_start]Empiricism[blank_end] is the belief that all knowledge is derived from [blank_start]sensory experience[blank_end]. It is generally characterised by the use of the [blank_start]scientific method[blank_end] in psychology. [blank_start]Introspection[blank_end] is the process by which a person gains [blank_start]knowledge[blank_end] about their own [blank_start]mental and emotional states[blank_end] as a result of the examination or observation of their [blank_start]conscious[blank_end] thoughts and feelings. Scientific Method refers to the use of [blank_start]investigative[blank_end] methods that are [blank_start]objective[blank_end], [blank_start]systematic[blank_end] and [blank_start]replicable[blank_end], and the formulation, testing and modification of [blank_start]hypotheses[blank_end] based on these methods.
  • sensory experience
  • scientific method
  • Introspection
  • knowledge
  • mental and emotional states
  • conscious
  • investigative
  • objective
  • systematic
  • replicable
  • hypotheses
  • Empiricism

Question 2

The [blank_start]Behaviorist Approach[blank_end] is an approach that rejected introspection, instead focusing on observable events and explains behavior in terms of learned responses to predictable patterns of environmental stimuli. The Social Learning Theory involves learning through observing others and imitating behaviours that are rewarded. The Biological Approach - Views humans as biological organisms and so provides biological explanations for all aspects of psychological functioning. Psychodynamic - Refers to any theory that emphasises change and development in the individual, particularly those theories where 'drive' is a central concept in development. The best known theory is Freudian psychoanalysis. Humanistic Psychology - An approach to understanding human nature that emphasizes the positive potential of human beings.
  • Behaviorist Approach
  • Biological Approach
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