cognitive approach

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cognitive approach
1 assumptions
1.1 internal mental processes
1.1.1 neglected by the behaviourist approach memory perception thinking
1.1.2 private
2 theoretical & computer models
2.1 theoretical
2.1.1 information processing approach information flows through the cognitive system in stages including - input, storage, retrieval (multi storage system)
2.2 computer models
2.2.1 similar to the way information is processed
2.2.2 central processing unit (brain)
2.2.3 coding (information to a useable format)
2.2.4 store (to hold information)
3 schema
3.1 packages of ideas
3.2 developed through experience
3.3 mental framework that influence cognitive processing
3.4 you have a schema for everything
3.5 mental short cuts - prevent from being overwhelmed by environmental stimuli
3.5.1 however can distort interpretations misheard song lyrics
4 evaluation
4.1 scientific & objective methods
4.1.1 high control and rigorous methods
4.1.2 lab experiments = high control
4.1.3 produces reliable, objective data
4.1.4 scientifically credible
4.2 machine reductionism
4.2.1 are some similarities with a computer
4.2.2 however it ignores the influence of emotion and motivation
4.2.3 this may affect the ability to process info
4.2.4 e.g. anxiety on eyewitnesses
4.3 everyday life
4.3.1 too abstract in nature
4.3.2 artificial stimuli (learning a list of words
4.3.3 lacks external validty
5 evaluation +
5.1 real life
5.1.1 most used and can be applied the most
5.1.2 artificial intelligence revolutionise how we live
5.1.3 thinking robots
5.2 less determinist
5.2.1 soft determinism can only operate within the limits we know but we are free to think before responding
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