Plains Indians- History

Emily Knapp
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This Questionnaire is on the Plains Indians and their culture and survival on the plains. It includes questions on the buffalo and the culture of the Indians.

Emily Knapp
Created by Emily Knapp over 4 years ago
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Question 1

How many times a year would the Indians hunt the buffalo?
  • 4-5 times
  • 2-3 times
  • 10 times
  • 1-2 times

Question 2

How many buffalo skins were used to construct the tipi?
  • 5-10
  • 10-20

Question 3

How was the tipi designed to survive the extreme climate on the plains?
  • It had wind gaps on the bottom. It also had a triangular shape to keep it sturdy in the strong winds of the plains.
  • It had a natural heater inside.
  • The Indians jumped up and down to warm the tipi up.
  • they sat on the bottom to keep it on the floor in the strong winds.

Question 4

Why did the Indians live a nomadic lifestyle?
  • They liked to walk.
  • They followed the buffalo herd.
  • They like to leave behind old people.

Question 5

Who would dismantle and construct the camp?
  • Men
  • Children and elders
  • Women

Question 6

What is that attached to the horse?
  • Travois/ sledge
  • A seat from the older Indians when they were travelling

Question 7

How would Indian children be punished?
  • A bowl of cold water was tipped over their head.
  • They were made to sling shot rodents for a day

Question 8

What was the practice of exposure?
  • Leaving behind the elderly when they were too weak to move on with the tribe.
  • Leaving the Criminals to burn or freeze In the climate when they had been trialled.

Question 9

What did the Council smoke and why did they smoke it?
  • Buffalo dung to inform the spirits that they are in need of wise decision making.
  • Tobacco and straw to tell the rest of the tribe that they are to be left to discuss in private.

Question 10

Dog Soldiers were a form of Warrior Society. What did the Dog Soldiers do?
  • Members of the tribe who would protect and supply for the women and children. They made sure that they had everything that they needed to survive through the climate. They picked camps and chose hunting groups who would kill the buffalo.
  • Members of the tribe who were chosen to kill any attackers. They ran trials for anyone who disobeyed the Chief.

Question 11

Counting Coup was a huge act of bravery among the Indian warriors. What was it?
  • Touching an enemy in battle and surviving
  • Killing an enemy slowly
  • Eating an enemy's tongue

Question 12

Why did the Indians scalp their dead enemies?
  • So the enemy wouldn't go to the afterlife (or happy hunting grounds). It would then be displayed on their tipi to show their bravery.
  • To humiliate the enemy when they are dead and then burn the scalp in a religious ceremony, killing the bad spirits.

Question 13

What was the spirit that the Indians believed in?
  • Wakan Tanka (The Great Spirit)
  • The Sioux ghost
  • The almighty Chamenne