CBC Ottawa news quiz for the week of Oct. 3


How closely did you follow the past week in local news?
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Question 1

What did Mayor Jim Watson declare his opposition to this week, calling the idea a "draconian" measure?
  • Cancelling next year's Panda Game.
  • Launching a fraud investigation into the consortium that built LRT.
  • Slashing the police force's 2022 budget.
  • Closing down schools due to rising COVID-19 case totals.

Question 2

What has Philadelphia-based company TRA Inc. been hired to do for the City of Ottawa?
  • Review the plan to return LRT trains to service.
  • Design the interior of the future central library branch.
  • Connect infrastructure to the future Tewin suburb.
  • Create a 25-year master plan for the future of Bank Street.

Question 3

What unexpected discovery greeted Anuj Mittal when he and his wife showed up at their new Barrhaven home last month?
  • Another family was already living in it.
  • Someone had plastered it with vulgar graffiti.
  • A small meteorite had crashed through the roof.
  • The home had no floors.

Question 4

Gilbert Dardel, mayor of the small village of Namur, Que., explained this week why council rejected a plan to build which of the following structures in the municipality?
  • A 54-storey luxury condo tower.
  • A new training base for the Canadian military.
  • A wind-and-solar farm that would provide one-sixteenth of Quebec's power.
  • A Church of Scientology retreat.

Question 5

In a French-language interview, La Pêche, Que., resident Nicolas Dupont told Radio-Canada this week that he was "clearly the victim of a premeditated sabotage." What happened?
  • Hundreds of people showed up for a party at his Airbnb rental.
  • A suspected arsonist burned down his family's sugar shack.
  • A former employee destroyed his café's $9,000 espresso machine.
  • Someone using his name attempted to defraud the municipality.

Question 6

Ontario's police watchdog laid two charges this week against Ottawa patrol officer Const. Sundeep Singh. One was breach of trust. What was the other?
  • Sexual assault.
  • Forgery.
  • Dangerous driving causing death.
  • Fraud over $5,000.

Question 7

Maude Marquis-Bissonnette is one of six people in the running to take over which of the following positions?
  • Mayor of Gatineau.
  • Warden of the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais.
  • Councillor for Ottawa's Kanata North ward.
  • CEO of the National Capital Commission.

Question 8

Why did Jason Baker resign this week as the mayor of Brockville, Ont.?
  • He'd moved to a new home and no longer lived in the city.
  • Social media attacks were having a negative effect on his mental health.
  • He'd accepted his dream job as a landscape architect.
  • His daughter's country music career is taking off and he wanted to support her.

Question 9

This man, seen here after his 2009 arrest, had an appeal of his conviction tossed out Thursday. What was he found guilty of doing?
  • Stabbing an Ottawa police constable to death.
  • Burning down a historic restaurant in the ByWard Market.
  • Plotting to carry out a terrorist attack on Parliament Hill.
  • Killing an Ottawa judge, his wife, and their neighbour.

Question 10

These early 20th-century artifacts were uncovered during recent remediation work on land that used to be a city dump. What's the land's current use?
  • A west-of-downtown park.
  • A construction site for a future LRT station.
  • A community garden in Old Ottawa South.
  • An embassy building near the Rideau River.
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