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Question 1

The funeral games end, but Achilles continues to be consumed by grief for Patroclus. Flooded with memories, he repeatedly uses his chariot to drag [blank_start]Hector’s body around Patroclus’ tomb[blank_end].
  • Hector’s body around Patroclus’ tomb
  • logs to the funeral pyre
  • food for the hungry men
  • wild horses around Troy

Question 2

Apollo, pitying Hector, [blank_start]protects his body from harm and decay[blank_end].
  • protects his body from harm and decay
  • resurrects him from the dead
  • steals his body and hides it
  • shoots Achilles with an arrow

Question 3

The gods feel sorry for Hector and desire to [blank_start]rescue his body from Achilles[blank_end].
  • rescue his body from Achilles
  • resurrect him from the dead
  • let Troy win the war
  • give his descendants treasures

Question 4

They ask the god Hermes to steal the body away, but Hera, bent on shaming the Trojans, will not allow it [blank_start]because of her hate of all Trojans[blank_end]
  • because of her hate of all Trojans
  • because she wants to do it herself
  • because she hates Hermes
  • because she doesn't think it will work

Question 5

[blank_start]Twelve days[blank_end] after Hector’s death, Apollo addresses the gods.
  • Twelve days
  • Three days
  • The day
  • Fourteen days

Question 6

Apollo tells the gods that Hector [blank_start]always respected the gods[blank_end], and that Achilles [blank_start]has no decency for desecrating his body[blank_end].
  • always respected the gods
  • was a nice guy
  • did his best
  • is dead anyway
  • has no decency for desecrating his body
  • is a great big jerk
  • should be destroyed
  • was Hector's best friend

Question 7

Hera counters him, stating that Achilles is the son of a god, and that he and Hector [blank_start]cannot be equals[blank_end].
  • cannot be equals
  • are equal
  • will both die
  • are great guys

Question 8

Zeus sends Iris to call Thetis to Olympus. When she arrives, Zeus instructs her to go to Achilles and to tell him [blank_start]to give Hector’s body back to Priam[blank_end]. Priam will [blank_start]give Achilles a ransom as payment[blank_end].
  • to give Hector’s body back to Priam
  • the gods are coming to get him
  • he did all this for nothing anyway
  • he's going to die
  • give Achilles a ransom as payment
  • kill Achilles in his sleep
  • threaten Achilles with war
  • turn into a god

Question 9

Thetis asks Achilles how long he will grieve, and then tells him [blank_start]of Zeus’ decree to release Hector’s body[blank_end]. Achilles agrees, saying that [blank_start]he will not resist the will of the gods[blank_end].
  • of Zeus’ decree to release Hector’s body
  • that Priam is coming to kill him
  • to only pretend to release the body
  • that she will disown him
  • he will not resist the will of the gods
  • he thinks it's a terrible idea
  • he does not have to obey the gods
  • he will do it for her

Question 10

Priam is told that Achilles [blank_start]will not kill him[blank_end].
  • will not kill him
  • will most likely kill him
  • will be asleep the whole time
  • will kill his entire family

Question 11

Priam orders that a wagon be readied with [blank_start]magnificent treasure[blank_end]. Hecuba attempts to convince him that the journey is foolhardy, but Priam is [blank_start]determined to take back Hector’s body[blank_end].
  • magnificent treasure
  • powerful weapons
  • the bodies of dead soldiers
  • sea nymphs
  • determined to take back Hector’s body
  • a terrible husband
  • an idiot
  • not afraid of anything ever

Question 12

Hecuba asks Priam to pray for a sign from Zeus first, and Priam agrees. Zeus sends [blank_start]an eagle[blank_end] to reassure them. Priam sets out in his wagon, accompanied by his old driver.
  • an eagle
  • a dove
  • a sea nymph
  • a lightning storm

Question 13

Zeus tells Hermes to go to Troy and ensure Priam’s safe travel. Hermes appears to Priam [blank_start]in the form of a stranger[blank_end], saying that Priam reminds him [blank_start]of his father[blank_end]. He offers to help Priam.
  • in the form of a stranger
  • in the form of a small child
  • in the form of a pretty woman
  • in the form of a monkey
  • of his father
  • of his mother
  • of his uncle
  • of his monkey tamer

Question 14

Priam grows suspicious and asks whom the stranger is. Hermes replies that he is [blank_start]an aide of Achilles[blank_end], and lets Priam know that [blank_start]Hector’s body is still intact[blank_end].
  • an aide of Achilles
  • the god Hermes
  • a dangerous criminal
  • there to kill him
  • Hector’s body is still intact
  • Achilles is going to kill him
  • he is there to kill him
  • his wagon is full of sea otters

Question 15

Hermes guides Priam’s wagon through Achilles’ gate and [blank_start]puts the sentries to sleep[blank_end]. He then reveals to Priam that he is [blank_start]a god sent to help him[blank_end].
  • puts the sentries to sleep
  • kills all the sentries
  • blinds all the sentries
  • blesses all the sentries
  • a god sent to help him
  • actually his father
  • there to kill him
  • not really there at all

Question 16

Priam enters Achilles’ lodge and [blank_start]kneels, kissing Achilles’ hand[blank_end]. He asks for [blank_start]mercy[blank_end], and beseeches Achilles to [blank_start]remember his own father[blank_end].
  • kneels, kissing Achilles’ hand
  • kneels, striking Achilles' heel
  • draws his sword, ready to kill
  • stands proudly, cursing Achilles
  • mercy
  • money
  • surrender
  • treasure
  • remember his own father
  • surrender before he dies
  • remember his own mother
  • give him all his gold

Question 17

Achilles and Priam [blank_start]weep for their losses in the war[blank_end].
  • weep for their losses in the war
  • drink fine wine together
  • agree to duel to the death
  • growl in anger

Question 18

Achilles asks Priam to sit but Priam refuses, asking to [blank_start]ransom the body immediately[blank_end].
  • ransom the body immediately
  • have a better chair
  • stand for the entire meeting
  • stay for a few days

Question 19

Achilles asks Priam not to anger him, as he might [blank_start]kill him if his temper flares[blank_end].
  • kill him if his temper flares
  • say mean things when he's mad
  • give him all of his treasure in fury
  • turn into a warthog

Question 20

Achilles asks Priam to dine with him, reminding him that [blank_start]even the sorrowful must eat[blank_end].
  • even the sorrowful must eat
  • he hasn't eaten in weeks
  • he might kill him at any moment
  • he is only partly a god

Question 21

Priam asks for [blank_start]eleven days[blank_end] of truce to mourn and bury Hector, to which Achilles agrees.
  • eleven days
  • ten days
  • three days
  • twelve days

Question 22

Hermes wakes Priam from his sleep, advising him to leave the Achaean camp before [blank_start]he is discovered and killed[blank_end].
  • he is discovered and killed
  • he digests his food
  • Achilles begins to snore loudly
  • he gets to comfortable

Question 23

Priam returns to Troy and the Trojans see Hector’s body borne on Priam’s wagon. The city is plunged into [blank_start]grief[blank_end]. Andromache, Hecuba, and Helen all cry out in grief for the loss of Hector, praising him for [blank_start]his bravery and kindness[blank_end].
  • grief
  • chaos
  • madness
  • anger
  • his bravery and kindness
  • his dashing good looks
  • dying in a stupid way
  • just being Hector

Question 24

The eleven days of lamentation pass, and Hector is [blank_start]finally buried by the Trojans[blank_end].
  • finally buried by the Trojans
  • dipped in bronze and used as a statue
  • brought back to life by Apollo
  • sent back to Achilles
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