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an Adventure in and of Itself

Shirley Smith
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    Archeology: an Adventure in and of Itself
    Films like Indiana Jones portray archeology as an adventure. In these, the hero searches for treasure, overcoming enemies and attracting women along the way. In real life, archeology is far more mundane, but it can still yield many treasures. These treasures can be tangible, for instance the amazing pottery finds unearthed recently on the A14 route between Cambridge and Huntingdon, which range from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages to Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods. Or they can be cultural, for example the rare inscriptions recently uncovered on a pillar in a South Indian temple. It’s fascinating to think that people could have been playing a version of our modern sudoku app store 300 years ago. Perhaps modern archeology is a less thrilling process than what the Indiana Jones films portray, but these finds are a fascinating insight into the past, and that is far more exciting than Hollywood make-believe.