past continuous

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    Negative sentence
    if you want to say something in negative you need to use this structure.   Subject + Was/were + not + Verb ing + Complement

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    WH questions
    if you want to ask something to someone for actions that start in the past but continuous, you need to use this structure   Verbo auxiliar (to be) + sujeto + verbo + ing + ?

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    Affirmative sentences
    - I was talking with you  - He was eating pupusas - They were learning for the exam - I was drawing my girl yesterday - She was painting her house - Juanito were playing football  

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    Negative sentence
    - I was not [wasn’t] talking with you Ms. - He was not [wasn’t] eating Pizza. - They were not [weren’t] watching television. - Jose and Felipe were not [weren’t] playing video      games yesterday. - Kevin was not [wasn’t] stealing on the metrocentro    street. - Brayan was not [wasn’t] dancing with kimberly in      the party.      

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    Wh questions
    - Were they watching TV when she got back from       work? - Were you working in that factory? - Were they still watching TV when she returned from work at 7 o’clock? - Was Gaby coming to her home? - Was she doing sport when I called her at 10 oclock? - Were they going to their college?

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