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    1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    When we planned what our film was going to be, we knew that we would need to do a lot of research to make sure that the final product was of a high standard, especially when our group could be seen as the 'under-dogs' of the class. We did research into current horror films such as Texas Chainsaw massacre, Saw and insidious. We also then conducted a spider diagram for our initial ideas, including the target audience. We then followed this by creating a questionnaire which we put on survey monkey for people with in our ideal audience, which was 16 - 30 years of age to answer. After analysing the results it was clear of where the film would be set, what types of characters will be involved and the sub genre of it (apocalyptic zombie style). The film itself could then lead onto a bit of a 'survival of the fittest' styled film, a bit like the call of duty zombies series. In away I guess you could say that we tried to twist ourselves away from the typical zombie killing spree, and focus on a opening scene that could lead to different options, that could potentially lead to squeal if necessary. Also we felt that our opening scene challenges over films out there as we used a feature of reversing all footage as it briefly gives the audience an idea of what they think will happen.

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    It is like a book, you usually read the back of it to get an insight as to whether or not you think you will like it. The filter and location  gives the audience connotations of it being a very dark place, which is very stereotypical, however not all horrors use this method. We did consider filming in daylight   (which we did) but we also considered filming on a bright sunny day to be different, however we were slightly unsure as to how we would execute this, and at the time of filming the weather was very dull. We as a group did not want to be mainstream and copy every film our there which films it in normal, so we resulted to the reverse feature

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    2. How does your media product represent particular social groups
    Well in Bloodlust, only one social group is represented, that is the the group of 16-18 year old's who are all very similar. In it both actors are either 16 or 17. This is clearly identified through the victim as we able to tell this by the way he is dressed and the fact that he looks as if he is meeting someone. This clearly targets the age group of 16 - 21 year old's. To make it more appealing to the 22 - 30 year old's we would need to add in some middle aged characters just to bring the age range up to make it more for our target audiences age.As the only sounds are non-diegetic, it is down to the audience to imagine what the character is saying, this should be fairly easy as our target audience would understand what to say in a scene like this. I also feel that the location is suitable as this is the age teenagers start to go for walks in woods and like to explore and get out of their comfort zone, again this is something our target audience can relate to. We also had to think about how we would incorporate a teenager into the woods, as this is something our questionnaire audience said they wanted. We then also had to think to our selves why? And again our answer was because it was requested. 

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    3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
    So the company we all had in mind was 20th Century Fox. We decided them due to the fact that they are a globally recognised company that have the status to take a production form niche to mass. Also they have a very common and popular introduction scene that is known by millions and is at the beginning of films such as Avatar and 28 days later, showing they have experience in films other than horror. 20th Century fox in particular have a very good 'reach' to the teenage/adult market due to their most recent films being of high success.  A company like this would have the ability to turn a £500 production into at least a £2 million production. Their experience and history is again of the highest as this is the company every film maker wants to produce with. Their abilities of going global are useful as they would be able to so with this, creating a larger fan base. 

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    4. Who would be the audience for your media product?
    So our ideal audience as we said before would be a Male aged 16-30 years old.  They would ideally have an interest in all sub-genre's of horror, and would need to have spare time to go and watch films on a regular basis. They would maybe fit into the demographic groups of C1-D, maybe just squeezing into Group B (but just about). They would ideally have an interest in 20th century fox films as this is who we would leave to produce the film on a mass scale. Another feature of our audience would be someone who watches a lot of TV and often uses Netflix as I find these types of people are usually the most engrossed into films and have a greater appreciation for media in general. Their social background would be following the standard education system in the UK, for example A levels, University and then straight into a job. He would also be someone who would go to the cinema or local store with their friends to rent a film.  

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    6. What have you learnt about technologies for the process of constructing this process?
    As we filmed this production I learnt so much from Scott and Adam when it came to the editing processes as I was very unaware with this feature and reluctant to do so, however with their help I was able to move scenes around and put in cuts where necessary and learn skills such as adding music, taking away sound and adding filters. I felt that I already knew a fair amount when it came to the camera, however I learnt more than expected, for example all of the shots we used to working out how to use a DSLR camera. I personally am proud with the fact I contributed to the editing as I felt this was clearly my weakest spot and I was afraid our teacher would start to question as to whether or not I was actually doing anything, the ability to access all this technology is key, especially as we are moving ahead with technology. I feel that looking back now I only knew how to use the basic and complicated IT skills, which were in fact no use to this project. 

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    7. Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
    I feel as a group we have progressed so much from when we produced this piece of very amateur looking work. Barely any editing went into this piece of work, however as our lessons progressed we learnt new skills, which led to us producing a much higher quality piece of work for our final product. My skills have improved a lot, I went form not being able to edit anything as I did not have the confidence or ability to, to being able to put clips together and put cuts and filters into a piece of edited work. You can also see in my blog where it has clearly progressed by using other programs such as Prezi, Goconqr,  Padlet and recorded video footage. 
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