Evaluation of Conformity

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Evaluation of NSI and ISI

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Evaluation of Conformity
1 Informational Social Influence
1.1 Research Support (Lucas et al.)
1.1.1 Students completed Mathematical Problems
1.1.2 When the problems were more difficult conformity rose
1.1.3 People conform when they feel they don't know the answer
1.1.4 We look to others and assume they know better than us
1.2 Individual Differences
1.2.1 ISI doesn't affect everyone in the same way
1.2.2 Asch found that participants were less conformist
1.2.3 Perrin and Spencer found high conformity
2 Normative Social Influence
2.1 Research Support (Asch)
2.1.1 Participants gave a clearly wrong answer because other people did
2.1.2 Participants felt self-conscious and were afraid of dissaproval
2.1.3 When the participants wrote down the answer conformity dropped to 12.5%
2.2 Individual Differences
2.2.1 NSI doesn't affect everyone in the same way
2.2.2 nAffiliators- people who care about being liked and need affiliation
2.2.3 nAffiliators normally conform more
3 Normative Social Influence and Informational Social Influence
3.1 Deutsch and Gerrard
3.2 Two Process Approach- either NSI or ISI
3.3 Asch study- dissenting participant meant conformity reduced
3.3.1 Participant provided social support (NSI)
3.3.2 Alternative Source of Information (ISI)
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