Sustainability in semiconductor industry

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Research topic and industry under review

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    Topic and industry under reviewStudent #  : 15130495 Name         : Nurcholis Rudianto Module       : PT5092 - Project Module Course      : Specialist Diploma In Supply Chain Management

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    Semiconductor industry is in the heart of electronic supply chain. Semiconductors are widely used in recent daily lives. They are found in personal computers, laptop, mobile phones, cars, toys etc. This is also a capital extensive industry as it requires extremely expensive machine, using precious materials and involving wide spread of manufacturing processes.
    Caption: : Semiconductor as selected industry under review

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    Caption: : Sustainability in semiconductor industry as selected focus topic
    I select sustainability as a focus topic as this is the interested topic to me when I start this course. From articles, news and videos from various media, I found that the sustainability has grown and accepted as industry standard practice. They allocate amount of focus resources on advancing corporate sustainability and evolve into an integral element of business strategy.

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    Be recognized also as a key driver for economic growth for the whole electronics value chain, semiconductor industry has responsibility to the sustainable development that meets current needs without compromising the ability of future generation’s needs. In this research, I want to analyze the sustainability concerns in semiconductor industry to built the long term sustainable development involving economy, environment and social from these 2 questions.Research and analyze the sustainability concerns in semiconductor industry under following questions * Why semiconductor industry require sustainability* How semiconductor industry achieve and maintain sustainability
    Caption: : Sustainability in semiconductor industry

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    In my research, I want to analyze the topic from selected resources in an effort to achieve a comprehensive studyResearch and analysis will be based on : * theory from academic articles* industry reports* industry practices
    Caption: : Sustainability in semiconductor industry

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    I will describe the overview of the industry concept and strategy for sustainability, analyze the sustainability key drivers and identify opportunities for possible future research and collaboration in the subject of sustainability in semiconductor industry.
    Caption: : Sustainability in semiconductor industry
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