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Thank you for sharing the opportunity to participate in the Family Dollar customer feedback survey. Providing feedback through this survey allows customers to voice their opinions and help Family Dollar improve its products and services. By taking the survey at Www.Ratefd.com, customers have the chance to win a $100 gift card from the store, further incentivizing participation. This demonstrates Family Dollar's commitment to listening to its customers and continuously improving their shopping experience. Participating in the survey is a valuable opportunity to influence the store's future offerings and customer service. We encourage all Family Dollar customers to take part in the survey to help shape the store's future. Hashtags: #Ratefd.comSurvey #Www.Ratefd.com #Ratefd.com #Ratefdcom #Ratefd #Ratefd.comSweepstakes Address: 10401 Monroe Road Matthews, NC 28105 USA Ph No: +1 (813) 813-0089

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