40 Uses For Smartphones in School

Alanis Morissette once said, ‘isn’t it ironic!’ (Ask your parents).  After years of struggle between teachers and students and the use of smartphones in school, new educational trends are actually encouraging the use of these devices. The mobile, cellphone or smartphone is not just used for WhatsApp, Snapchat or RoBlox,… Read More

The Secret to an Active Memory

Flashcards have been widely used in early childhood education but contrary to what you might think, this tool is not only useful for children. As a learning resource, Flashcards are the key to strengthening your memory and absorbing information easily. One of its main benefits, the development of an active… Read More

10 Big Developments in 2014

As end of year celebrations go, this has been a big one for ExamTime. If you are an avid follower of the ExamTime blog or user of our e-learning tools, you will have witnessed another year of exciting ExamTime changes and upgrades. As 2014 comes to a close, we wanted… Read More

Fourth of July: Think You Know It All?

Two hundred and thirty-eight long years ago, America was born. The driving fight for freedom from taxation without representation was merely one of the main contributing factors for the drafting of the US Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July. Today, this national holiday is celebrated with an abundance… Read More

Score-Tracking for Flashcards and More Profile Info

We have updated ExamTime again! This update includes score-tracking for Flashcards and more options for Profile info. These are outlined in more detail below:

Score-Tracking for Flashcards

It might not be immediately clear what is meant by ‘score-tracking’. Essentially, this means you mark the Flashcards that you know or don’t… Read More