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True learning is a continuous process. See how our free online learning platform can help you achieve your unique learning goals, no matter what your level of study or training.


Re-discover the creative side of learning.

GoConqr’s study tools allow you to put together stunning resources that perfectly suit your specific learning style. Not only that, you can also share your content, explore the millions of resources created by other learners, or create and join Study Groups for a complete digital learning experience.

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A full suite of free online tools designed to revitalise how you teach.

GoConqr's online learning platform gives educators total control over the content they deliver to students. Create a variety of different types of learning resources and share them with whoever you want, whenever you want. Or explore the millions of user-generated resources in the GoConqr Library and discover amazing content in just about every topic imaginable.

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Deliver a cutting-edge digital learning experience.

GoConqr lets you create and customise a community that suits your students’ specific needs. Discover countless user-created resources in the online learning platform that satisfy your students’ individual learning needs or create resources of your own, which you can then easily share with your students through Groups or by using SmartLinks or SmartEmbeds.

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Training solutions to build a thriving workplace community.

GoConqr offers a host of digital solutions to make it easy for businesses to create engaging content for staff on-boarding, induction and training. And because it also lets you create public or private Groups for communicating, content sharing and collaborating, keeping your employees both informed and inspired has never been easier.

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