Ultimate Study Guide for AP US History

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Ultimate Study Guide for AP US History

Are you stressing about studying for the AP US History Exam?

Many people find that there is a lot you must sacrifice when it comes time to start studying for the AP US History Exam. Things such as lounging around, hanging out with friends, and playing sports become things you no longer have time to do.

Well stress no more. Online studying tools are the new and efficient way to study successfully. Online learning platforms are becoming the go-to ways of studying. Advanced Placement Exams are meant to be challenging but ExamTime offers the most advanced ways of online learning and studying for free! See for yourself and check out who’s talking about us on the Huffington Post, Hub Pages, The Guardian, and Euro News.

Check out an already made Mind Map of all AP US History Topics:

ExamTime will help you prepare for your AP US History exam:

  • Provides you with the first step in the learning process, a Study Planner
  • Increase your drive and motivation to study by giving you access easy-to-use resources
  • Reduce your anxiety and stress levels through the use of effective and reliable tools
  • Allows you to share and collaborate study materials and ideas using Study Groups

AP US History Tools:

We know you have a load of work on your shoulders and we want to help. At ExamTime, our goal is to give you the most efficient and effective ways of learning using:


Our tools are available for you around-the-clock to study, whichever way you want. From Mind Maps to Quizzes and study Notes, ExamTime guarantees efficient and easy-to-use ways to learn online. The AP US History Exam is known for its lengthy section 2 essay questions. Why not write out all the Notes you need to know for them? Our Notes tool allows for you to do this and store your notes is one, easy to use access place.

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AP US History Resources:

Along with our tools we have resources available for your AP US History Exam. Click below to see all the resources on AP Exams and more specifically AP US History

Since there are so many topics covered for AP US History, Mind Maps will allow you to map at all the topics you must cover and study in order to succeed. Want a way to practice multiple choice questions? No worries, create your own online Quizzes or try someone else’s. Whatever it might be that you need for studying we’ve got it.

At ExamTime our goal is to give you all the tools and resources you need to study and reach your goal score on your exams and in your courses. AP Tests are known to be difficult and time consuming so the time to start studying is NOW. Get ahead of the game and register for ExamTime and let your online learning experience begin!

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