How do I manage users in my SmartShare plan?

Managing your plan

You can manage your SmartShare plan from the ‘Campus’ section of the dropdown menu on the top of the page.

Here you can see your account information (and upgrade if required).

You can also change information in your company profile (which will be visible to other users on your plan).

You can change your account settings (e.g. time zone), and you can edit the sender name, subject line, and sender email address of your SmartLinks.

Managing Users

If you have a SmartShare Plan with more than one creator, you can add users here. Simply click ‘Add users’ and enter or upload their emails. They will receive an email advising them that they have been invited to your campus and they will be added on acceptance.

You can then assign them permissions. You can assign SmartLinks, SmartEmbed and Reporting permissions separately.

All creators will be able to see the summary of their SmartLink and SmartEmbed activity in the respective management areas, and if you have given them Perform Reports permission they will have access to complete Reports on the content that they have shared.

If you assign an Admin permission that creator will have all permissions, including the ability to report on all content shared by any user on the plan, via the Reporting console. To change permissions, select the user

Each creator on the plan will see the same Active Resource Panel in their SmartLink and SmartEmbed management areas, although they will only see their own activity and ShareLists.