Improving knowledge share and engagement with Campus

GoConqr Campus is a place on GoConqr where an educational institution or business can add users so that they can collaborate and share knowledge, and enjoy extra benefits and features.

A Campus has a portal for dedicated Campus Announcements and Campus-only groups.

Campus administrators can track and monitor users’ performance on Courses, quizzes and other content using our dedicated reporting interface.

Users within a Campus can create certificates for Courses which appear on user’s profile, testifying to their knowledge acquisition.

Campus users can also share content using SmartLinks with people who are not logged in.

Many Campuses also provide their users with premium benefits – including the ability to make resources private and to enjoy an ad-free GoConqr experience.

The advantages that you gain from being part of a GoConqr Campus depend on the plan your institution subscribes to and the permissions that you are assigned.

For more information on Campus plans, see here.