SAT Cost

Are you taking SAT's and wondering what it will cost?
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SAT Cost

In this section of the SAT guide we will be discussing the SAT cost system and what you are going to have to pay to take the tests. We will not be covering any test formats or what to expect as we have sections on those already on our Math, English and Subject Pages. Here we will be covering:

  • Registration Fees
  • Hidden Fees
  • Late Registration and more

Don’t forget to check out our SAT Tools and Study Planner sections after you have read over this page.

SAT Math

US Registration

So you’re taking SAT, good job, here is a breakdown of the SAT Costs:

  • SAT Fee – $47.50
  • SAT with Essay Fee – $64.50
  • Subject Test Fee – $26
  • Language with Listening Test – $26
  • All other SAT Subject Tests – $16 each
  • Late Fee – $29
  • Change Fee – $29
  • 4 Score reports are included in registration, additional scores – $12 each
  • Rushed Orders – $31 per order
  • Old Scores – $31 per order
  • Scores over the phone – $15
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International Registration

There are many students around the world that plan on taking SAT’s. If you are one of them, the SAT will cost you:

  • SAT Fee – $47.50 (+Non-US Regional Fee)
  • SAT with Essay Fee – $64.50 (+Non-US Regional Fee)
  • Africa (Sub-Saharan) – $41
  • Americas – $41
  • East Asia/Pacific – $53
  • Europe & Eurasia – $43
  • Middle East/N. Africa – $47
  • South & Central Asia – $49

Unfortunately we cannot do anything about the cost of the SAT’s, but we do have lots of tools and material to help you pass. Get them all for free on GoConqr.

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SAT Geometry
SAT Revision

Extra SAT Material

Now that you have an idea of how much the SAT is going to cost you, why not browse through our other sections that will really help you to ace these tests.

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