Five Key Components of the Leisure Industry


A mind map to explain the FIVE key components of the leisure industry, this includes a way on how to remember it and definitions with examples
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Five Key Components of the Leisure Industry
  1. If You struggle with remembering these, they can be remembered as CHAPS.
    1. CHAPS Stands for all five key components.
    2. Countryside Recreation
      1. This is anything that is taken part in a countryside area.
        1. Examples of this include Horse riding and Photography
        2. Home - Based leisure
          1. This is taking part in an activity that is in your home or possibly a friends.
            1. Examples of this include reading books, listening to music and watching TV.
              1. Eating is not a leisure activity unless it is part of a package holiday
              2. Arts and Entertainment
                1. This is something that happens that involves something outside of your home that entertains you.
                  1. Examples include going to the cinema or a music concert.
                  2. Play and Activity Based leisure
                    1. This is mainly activities that involve children, these activities tend to be fun and entertaining.
                      1. Examples of this include going to a mum's and tot's group.
                      2. Sport and physical recreation
                        1. This is activities that involve a physical or a sporting activity.
                          1. Examples of this include going to the gym or going swimming.
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