The Aviation Industry

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The Aviation Industry

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The Aviation Industry
  1. Airport
    1. Regional
      1. Regional airports are found outside the capital city. They have seen a large increase in recent years with budget airlines setting up base there.
      2. Local
        1. Local airports are found in small towns and cities in a country. They don't handle many international flights so there is room for more general aviation like flying schools and private jets to go there. For example Inverness is a local airport.
        2. Major
          1. Major airports are found in the capital cities of a countries. They handle international flights from all over the world. This means that the airport doesn't have much capacity for general aviation.
        3. Airline
          1. Scheduled
            1. Scheduled airlines operate on a fixed timetable and offer international and domestic flights. These airlines have a range of different classes and services. Everything on the flight such as food, drinks and entertainment is included in the ticket price.
            2. Cargo
              1. Cargo airlines just transport cargo and not passengers. Scheduled cargo is when a company decides when the cargo is going to be sent and charter cargo is when a company hire an aircraft and deliver its cargo to specific locations.
              2. Low Cost
                1. Low cost airlines run to a timetable similar to scheduled airlines, but they only do point to point flights as they are just going to cities outside the capital. These airlines only offer one class which is economy and the ticket price paid doesn't come with any add-ons.
                2. Charter
                  1. Charter airlines are when a holiday company hire an aircraft to transport its passengers to their destination.
                3. Ancillary organisations
                  1. Handling Agents
                    1. They are responsible for transporting the baggage from the terminal to the specific aircraft and then unloading it at the destination.
                    2. Car Parks
                      1. They provide car parking for passenger on site and away from the airport. They provide short stay and long stay depending on how long the passengers are going away for.
                      2. Fuel Suppliers
                        1. They provide fuel and oil for all aircraft. The products must be high quality for the aircraft to perform to its best standards.
                        2. Cleaning
                          1. They are responsible for cleaning the aircraft to a high standard in preparation for the next flight. This includes cleaning toilets, cleaning external windows and removing headrest covers.
                          2. Onward travel
                            1. They provide transport for passengers to and from the airport. For example car rental, underground trains, shuttle bus companies.
                            2. Tour Operations
                              1. They provide package holidays to passengers which includes flights, hotels and airports transfers. . Different types of package holidays are room only, self-catering, half board, full board and all-inclusive.
                              2. Retailers
                                1. They provide services in the airports such as restaurants, currency exchange, bars and cafés.
                                2. Freight forwarding companies
                                  1. They are responsible for organising the shipment of goods to be transported from one country to another. They also transport the goods from the airport to the warehouses to be stored.
                                  2. Aircraft manufacturers
                                    1. They design and sell aircraft for both commercial and private use. When the manufacturers design the aircraft they have to make sure it is light, streamlined and able to fly in all weather conditions.
                                    2. Engine manufacturers
                                      1. They design and sell aircraft engines to aircraft manufacturers. They also look for the best ways to make the engines more sustainable and produce more thrust to get the aircraft off the ground.
                                    3. Trade Associations
                                      1. IATA
                                        1. They are a global airline trade association for the airline industry. They have regular conferences with airlines to discuss where they shall be going. They also make all the 3 letter codes for airports all over the world.
                                        2. BATA
                                          1. They are the trade body for UK registered airlines. They work with its members to deal with issues that may have been caused. They work with customers and local residents to help solve these issues.
                                          2. ACI
                                            1. They represent the interests of the world's airports. They are involved in issues such as airport safety, ground handling and the environment.
                                            2. ERA
                                              1. They are a trade association representing the aviation industry in Europe. They work with its members to represent their interests, bring them together and exchange information.
                                              2. BBGA
                                                1. They are the UK national trade association which represents companies and businesses that work in the aviation industry. They provide advice to their members on areas which affect them all.
                                              3. Regulatory Bodies
                                                1. HSE
                                                  1. This organisation is responsible for workplace health and safety. They work with the CAA to check safety records at airports and see that every worker has the correct equipment and has been through the correct training.
                                                  2. CAA
                                                    1. They are responsible for making all the regulations in the aviation industry and make sure everyone is complying with them.
                                                    2. ICAO
                                                      1. They are responsible for developing all policies and standards in the industry and make sure that all flights that go out everyday are safe, efficient and secure.
                                                      2. FSA
                                                        1. They are responsible for the food safety and hygiene in the UK. They make sure that food going on to the aircraft has been cooked properly and packaged efficiently.
                                                        2. NATS
                                                          1. They are responsible for providing Air Traffic Control services to aircraft on the ground and in the sky. They communicate with the pilot and tell him when it is clear to take off and land, check that the pilot is still in control and suggest quicker routes for the pilot to take.
                                                          2. EASA
                                                            1. They make sure that everything in the aviation industry is safe and that it operates to the highest standards. They carry out inspections to check up on the workers and make sure they are doing them correctly and safely.
                                                            2. Transec
                                                              1. They are responsible for the transport network in the UK. the role of them is to protect travellers, transport facilities and people working in the transport industry from terrorist attack.
                                                              2. Port Health
                                                                1. They are responsible for preventing the introduction of any infectious diseases and control the import of food.
                                                                2. Local Planning
                                                                  1. They are responsible for giving permission to increase the size of an airport e.g. a new runway or terminal building. They also work with local residents to discuss the control of airport noise and other issues that may affect them.
                                                                  2. Police
                                                                    1. The role of the police is to provide security to passengers and crew in the airport. They also deal with terrorism, immigration and major events. They provide sniffer dogs to track drugs or any explosives.
                                                                    2. UK Border Agency
                                                                      1. They are responsible for deciding who is entitled to visit or stay in the UK. They run the UK visa service and handle applications from people living abroad who want to move to the UK.
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