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...... do you go to the cinema? By bus. How
When a person tells jokes and makes you laugh, he/she is very ....... funny
It´s the opposite of dark. fair
....... do you like your friend? Because he helps me when I need it. Why
It´s the opposite of curly. straight
It´s the same as fat. heavy
....... pair of trousers do you prefer, the blue or the grey one? Which
Some people have these on their cheeks. freckles
When your skin isn´t dark, you are ... pale
..... does she hang out with her friends? On Fridays. When
A person that doesn´t work is ...... lazy
A person whose skin is very dark, he/she is .... tanned
....... is she? She is my cousin Rachel. Who
I usually ......(drink) milk, but today I ..... (drink) tea. drink/am drinking
When you talks a lot to everybody and you make lots of friends, you are .... outgoing
She usually ....(play) paddle at school, but this morning she .....(play) basket. plays/is playing
When a person usually does sport, he/she is .... athletic
It´s the opposite of heavy. thin
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