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What are the subjects i need to revise for year 8 history - King Charles I - The Gunpowder plot - The Slave trade - Moctezuma - Edward VI - Bloody Mary - Elizebeth I - The Spanish Armada - Abolitionists
King Charles I He was thought to be a very special king as he believed in the divine right of kings/absolute monarchs. This is where the king makes people and himself believe that he was made king by the will of god and that he was a present from god which should not be destroyed. He was found guilty of dismissing the public and he was accused of being a "Tyrant, traitor and murderer; and a public and implacable enemy to the commonwealth of England" he was a bad king so he was found guilty and executed for his treason.
The Gunpowderplot There are many views to this failed assassination, but there are two main ones. - Guy fawkes was one of the catholics plotting to kill the king and parlament by getting a lot of gunpowder, renting out the basement under the house of parlament and blowing up the whole place but unfortunately they found out and stopped him. He also had the help of four other people but they all got killed, tortured, or blown up. - The other view is to do with the king's advisor Robert cecil, he is thought to have controlled and planned or at least took advantage of the plot as they have some historic evidence which could prove this as there was a letter sent about the plot to monteagle who took it straight to the govermnet where it finally met robert cecil, who is thought have used it to make him look like a hero. Lord monteagle was one of the plotters family or friend, he was in parlament and the plotters didn't watn to blow him up so they sent a letter which immediately backfired.
The Slave Trade The slave trade is great tradgedy which happened over a long time peroid it still happens today but most coutries have illegilised it and it's still happening. In the slave trade they had a triangular system split into three peices 1)- They took old guns, pots and pans, and stuff they didn't need anymore and traveled over the see to africa. 2)- They took the black/coloured people frm their homes or from work wherever they were dragged them onto a ship. The voyage could last for months on end, they would have a boat made to fit let's say 1500 people they would squish 2-3,00 people on there. th conditions were apallinng as they would be bodily waste all over the floors and walls, this meant a lot of people died due to deceases spreading through the closely fitted people. 3)- When they got to north america or the west indies the sold the people at a market, a auction, or a scramble (you grab someone you want and jsut take them) they would swap these for goods such as cottonor money They used to beat and treat the black people very badly some would even kill their children to keep them from having a bad life as it was better.
Moctezuma Moctezuma was the 9th aztec ruler who ruled over his country(nowadays is called mexico) and the tribute lands. The tribute lands were peices of land which gave moctezuma their specialty such as silk or food. At the ned of his reighn there was fight between the aztec's and the spanish. The spanish won and now owned the tribute lands and there goods, which they transported back to spain.
Edward VI Edward was a very ill boy and was at his Father's (Henry VIII) death bed. he died when he was only 15 years old (1537-1553). He died of tuberculosis on July 6th 1553 and he was buried on august 9th august.
Bloody Mary She was a very strict catholic, which meant she executed protestants left and right as she was a very proud catholic who wanted everybody else to be a catholic with her. when she was young she was brought up to as a catholic and has been ever since. After all the executions she was named bloody mary due to her what the people considered evilness
Elizebeth I she was an anglican queen who was a very boring queen as nothing really pleased her at all. she was very miserable and is the one famously remembered for brushing her teeth with sugar and water.
The spanish Armada The spanish armada was a war between the spanish ships lead by Medina Sadona and the english tried to sink their ships but failed even after 200 cannon balls, But in the end the english won by outwitting them
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