Common Verbs

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Question Answer
Andare To go
Andare To go
Parlare to speak
Parlare to speak
Avere to have
fare to do
leggere to read
bere to drink
potere to be able
dare to give
volere to want
dovere to have to
venire to come
stare to stay
dire to say
sapere to know
vedere to see
mangiare to eat
uscire to go out
prendere to take
piacere to like
finire to finish
amare to love
capire to understand
arrivare to arrive
mettere to put
scrivere to write
chiedere to ask
sentire to feel
trovare to find
aprire to open
tenere to hold to carry to take
salire to rise to climb to ascend
correre to run to be in a hurry
cercare to look around to seek to search
aspettare to wait to expect
nascere to be born
passare to switch
perdere to lose
cominciare to begin to commence
ascoltare to listen
decidere to chose to decide
cadere to fall
lasciare to wash
ricevere to receive to get
scegliere to chose
chiudere to close