Digestive system

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Fore gut fermenters (ruminants) These animals have four part stomachs to break down their diet of grass - to be able to access the cellulose. The digestion starts in the Rumen, then the Reticulum and then the food is chewed again. Finally the food is passed back into the Omasum and finally to the abomasum (also known as the true stomach as it contains similar enzymes to a human stomach)
Hind-gut Fermenters Contains a very large Caecum where bacteria assists in the break down of cellulose
Oesophagous A long muscular tube connecting the mouth and the stomach. The cite of peristalsis
Peristalsis The contracting of muscles in the oesophagous causing the food to be pushed downwards into the stomach.
The Mouth Where food first enters the body. Mechanical digestion takes place, using the teeth, with the help of Salivary Amalayse to break down the food
Mechanical Digestion The physical break down of foods into smaller parts through grinding, crushing, cutting, mushing etc
Chemical Digestion The breakdown of food with the use of chemicals to break the food into even smaller parts. Takes place after mechanical digestion.
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