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what is mechanical digetsion chewing/biting/cutting of food into smaller bits with a smaller surface area so that enzymes can act on the food quicker
what is peristalsis? contraction of circular muscles behind the food narrows the gut, pushing the food along. when the circular muscles are contracted, the longitudinal ones relax and vice versa
where does digestion begin? what happens there? in the mouth- saliva moistens the food and uses amylase to break down the starch
what happens to the food in the stomach? it's held there- the walls of the stomach secrete hydrochloric acid which kills bacteria. pepsin begins to break down protein
what happens when the food is released into the duodenum? pancreatic enzymes are released onto it
what is the function of bile? made in the gaul bladder- turns lipid globs into an emulsion of tiny droplets to increase the surface area to be digested
give an example of a carbohydrase, protease and lipase amylase pepsin lipase
where is the food absorbed? the ileum
how is the ileum adapted for absorption? the lining has a high surface area to efficiently absorb soluble products into the blood vili- increase surface area microvilli- increase surface area of the villi
what does the large intestine do to products which can't be absorbed? expells them as faeces
name the 2 parts of the small intestne duodenum ileum
how would you test for glucose? add a small spatula of glucose to a test tube, add a little bit of water and shake to dissolve glucose. Add benedicts solution and shake until the solution is blue. place the tube in a hot water bath an leave. If it turns brick red, there is starch present
how to test for starch? add starch powder to a spotting tile add iodine solution blue black- starch present
why does a man need more energy than a woman? generally they have a larger weight
why do pregnant women need more energy? because of the added weight
why does a manual laborer need more energy? because of the increased physical activity
how much energy raises the temp of 1 g of water by one degree? 4.2 joules
how many cm3 of water has a mass of 1g 1
how would you measure the energy content of a food sample? measure the sample's mass measure the water's temp burn the sample in a bunsen and hold it under the water to heat it. measure the final temp of the water (final temp-starting temp)x20x4.2 divided by the mass of the food
what is the digested molecule form of a)carbohydrates b)lipids c)proteins a) glucose b)fatty acids and glycerol c)amino acids
where are digestive enzymes made? the glands and gut
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