Digestion and absorption

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What reaction breaks down larger biological molecules? Hydrolysis
What does amylase do? Catalyses the breakdown of starch into maltose, by breaking the glycosidic bonds
Where is amylase produced? Salivary glands and pancreas
Where is amylase used? Mouth and small intestine
What are membrane-bound disaccharides? Enzymes attached to the cell membranes of epithelial cells
What enzyme catalyses the break down of starch? Amylase
What enzyme catalyses the breakdown of lipids? Lipase
What do lipase enzymes do? Catalyse the breakdown of lipids by hydrolysing the ester bonds
Where is lipase created? Pancreas
Where is lipase used? Small intestine
What are bile salts? Salts produced by the liver to emulsify lipids
What enzymes catalyse the breakdown of proteins? Endopeptideases, exopeptideases and dipeptideases
What do endopeptideases do? They hydrolyse peptide bonds within a protein
What do exopeptideases do? They hydrolyse peptide bonds at the end of proteins and remove single amino acids from proteins
What do dipeptideases do? Specifically hydrolyse the peptide bond in a depeptide
How are monosaccharides absorbed? By active transport with sodium ions, via a co-transporter protein
How are monoglycerides and fatty acids absorbed? They diffuse directly across the epithelial cell membrane
How are amino acids absorbed? They diffuse via sodium-dependent transport proteins
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