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Question Answer
Craik and Tulving Presented with 60 words and asked questions about either the appearance, sound or meaning of the word and then given 180 words and asked to choose the original 60 17% of structural, 36% of phonetic and 65% of semantic were recalled
Evaluation A good expansion of Multistore Models processes from STM to LTM Recognised the importance and the complexity of processing an changed ideas of LTM being a storage facility to a complex processing system Does not explain why Deeper processing requires more effort, this may be why recall is then better Depth cannot be measured and is vague Bransford - A distinct sentence is easier remembered then an elaborate one Ignores structure
Craik and Lockhart Put forward this idea as a criticism of levels of processing They concentrate on the processes involved in memory
Types of Processing Shallow - The appearance -The sound Often needs maintenance rehearsal to hold it in the STM and is often short term retention Deep Processing - The meaning Involves elaboration rehearsal, linking it to other words images or info and often leads to better retention