Ontological Argument

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David Bayne
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Question Answer
Ontological argument arguments for the existence of God based on the idea that the very fact that we have a concept of God must mean that He exists
Atheist Someone who denies the existence of God or gods
Necessary Anselm referring to the external nature of God, and that God exists so truly that He cannot be thought of as not existing
Anselm of Canterbury medieval Italian theologian/philosopher who was archbishop of Canterbury. Proposed a version of the OA
Rene Descartes French philosopher, proposed a version of the OA (1596-1650)
Perfection Flawless or lacking faults, in context of Descartes' OA
Predicate Part of a statement that makes an assertion about a subject, telling you what something is, does or has.
David Hume Scottish philosopher, argued that experience especially of the senses is the only source of knowledge
Paradox Statement that seems absurd or contradictory
Syllogism Form of deductive reasoning where the argument moves from the general to the specific to reach a conclusion eg. All humans are mortal I am human Therefore I am mortal
Possible worlds Complete way that things could be. It is not another world. Linked to Alvin Plantinga
Infinite Boundless or endless
Contingent To be dependent on other events or circumstances for existence so that it might occur or not occur.