The creating of the NHS

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What had the government become increasingly concerned about in the early 20th century? The inequalities of health care, especially once women got the vote in 1918
Why did the Government set of a national Emergency Medical service? Because the bombing raids in the second World War produced many casualties
What did the Emergency Medical service do? It brought hospitals throughout the country under the Ministry of Health - there were some new hospitals and 1000 new operating theatres
As part of the Emergency Medical Service, what did hospitals do? The hospitals provided free treatment, a blood transfusion service was created and an ambulance service was set up.
What report in 1942 identified disease as a problem for the government to deal with after the Second World War? The Beveridge report
Why was the Beveridge report so important? It was the basis for the NHS being set up - after the report plans were made for the NHS
When was the NHS (National Health Service) set up? 1948
Why did Aneurin (Nye) Bevan, the Minister for Health, face huge opposition from doctors? They did not want to be organised by the government and were afraid they would be paid less as part of an NHS
Why did people want to create a 'New World' with better conditions for all? Many people were shocked by the poverty many children had grown up in
When was there much more acceptance about the government being involved in people's lives? By the mid-20th century
When had there been a need to organise hospitals and medical staff? During the Second World War
What did Significant medical breakthroughs mean could be done? It meant that much more could be done for the sick
As part of the NHS, taxes were used to pay for a wide range of care. For example...? -The right to see a GP and be referred to a hospital -Treatment by dentists and opticians -Health care for pregnant women and young children -Ambulance and emergency treatment -Health care for Elderly
Why did the NHS have a major impact on people's health? Through the NHS people could see doctor earlier - better chance of recovery & access to professional nursing care -Was free- Benefited enormously the poorest people in society
Why is the cost of the NHS now a major problem for the government? As people live longer, they are more likely to develop problems needing treatment + Improvements in medicine mean people expect a greater range of treatment
Why do many people now have some form of private health insurance? Long waiting lists for treatment developed in the late 20th century and many people's conditions deteriorated before they could get the specialist help needed - many people have private health insurance to cover cost of treatment
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