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Multiplying with different letters and numbers Multiply all the numbers and put in all the letters (just like putting different fruits in a blender and getting a new flavour out)
Multiplying with same letters Add up how many same letters there are and write it as the power
Multiplying with powers Add the powers together
Dividing powers Subtract the powers
Adding and subtracting Group terms that match (letters, letters with same powers or numbers belong together, otherwise keep them separate - they must be exactly the same type)
Solving Algebra (letter and number + and -) 7 + y = 10 Move number on to numbers side and reverse the sign
Solving Algebra (letter and number x) 4y = 8 Move number on to numbers side and reverse the sign
Solving Algebra (two step problem) 2w - 1 = 13 Move number on to numbers side and reverse the sign. Then deal with the remaining problem as before
Expanding (get it out of the brackets) 5(2y - 4) multiply each part inside the brackets by what is on the outside. 5 x 2y = 10y 5 x 4 = 20 answer = 10y + 20
factorising (find the common factor) 6y - 9 common factor of 6y and -9 = 3 put this at the front of the brackets 3( ) work out what to do to find each part of the expression 3 x ? = 6y (answer = 2y) 3 x ? = -9 (answer = -3) so final answer = 3(2y - 3)
Substitution (swap letter for a number) if 4c - 2p find total value if c=2 and p=3 swap c for 2 --> 4 x 2 = 8 swap p for 3 --> 2 x 3 = 6 8+6 = 14
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