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Disorders and Rituals - Aggressive and sexual obsessions are often related to checking rituals - Dirt or contamination obsessions are linked to washing rituals - Obsessions with symmetry are related with obsessions with ordering things
Hodgson and Rachmann Found that washing hands reduces anxiety in people with washing OCDs when in a room with things they consider dirty or contaminated
Symptoms - Recurrent obsessions and compulsions - Recognition by the individual that the compulsions and obsessions are excessive and unreasonable - The individual is disrupted by and their daily life is impaired by the obsessions and compulsions
Normal Rituals We all have them and feel anxiety if they are disrupted but they do not disrupt the persons life When a routine or ritual becomes compulsive, repetitive and very time consuming it becomes a psychological disorder
Definitions Obsession - A persistent thought, idea or impulse that is experienced repeatedly, feels intrusive and causes anxiety Compulsion - A repetitive and rigid behaviour a person feels driven to perform in order to prevent or produce anxiety Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - A disorder in which a person has recurrent or unwanted thoughts, a need to perform repetitive and rigid actions or both
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