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Drug Therapy -Effective drugs are those that increase the level of serotonin -Anafranil and Prozac are the most commonly prescribed -The increase of serotonin causes the orbital frontal cortex to operate at more normal levels
Evaluation 50-80% effective Reduces obsessions and compulsive behaviour Relapse occurs if they stop taking the drug Works best when combined with other treatments In some cases surgery is needed Doesn't deal with cause, just the symptoms
Cognitive Therapy Initial Steps 1. Help them understand that they're misinterpreting their thoughts 2. Make them aware of how they try to nuetralise their obsessive thoughts by attempting to make amends for having such thoughts
The Main Idea of Therapy Stop them making catastrophic misinterpretations Remove the obsessive thoughts and get them to think about them in a different way
Habituation Training Get client to think repeatedly about their obsessive thoughts The idea is that there will be less anxiety as a consequence and the compulsive behaviour is not required to reduce the high levels of anxiety
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