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What is an active voice? We know who is doing the action. Example-"We got the big glass beaker out of the cupboard"
What is a passive voice We dont know who is doing the action. Instead, the thing being 'done to' is at the start of the sentence.
What words are suitable when writing a report? May, might, possibly, probably, likely, suggests, indicates and appears etc.
Definition of concise. Conveying information in short, clearly understandable sentences without any unnecessary terminology.
What are the steps to writing a scientific report? 1) Identify the research question 2) Formulate a hypothesis 3) List the materials or equipment needed 4) Design the produce 5)Collect the data 6)Organise the information 7)Discuss the results 8)Draw a conclusion 9)Acknowledge sources of information
What does the introduction contain? Relevant background informartion on the topic What is already known on the specific issue The research question and hypothesis being adressed.
What should the layout of your poster have? Position the title in the centre top of the page Use subheadings Keep visuals close to text they relate to Use the layout to lead the eye through the display
What colours should you use when designing a poster? Black text is easier to read on a white background Use only up to 2 or 3 related colours Use a neutral background colour
Visuals in a poster Only use relevant visuals that support your topic Use high-quality, simple visuals Include captions
What is a reference list? They are sometimes called bibliographies Include an acknowledgement of all resources referred to in your investigation
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