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Psychopathology Research Research Area, Findings, and Conclusions
Rosenhan and Seligman (1989) Failure to function adequately They proposed signs that suggested someone wasn't functioning adequately: when a personal doesn't conform to interpersonal rules, experiences severe personal distress, and their behaviour becomes harmful.
Jahoda (1958) Deviation from ideal mental health She proposed that abnormality was when a person deviated from her 8 ideals for mental health, such as no symptoms of distress, self-actualisation, rationality, coping with stress, and a realistic view of the world.
Hobbart (1960) The two-process model as an explanation of phobias. Hobbart suggested we acquired phobias through classical conditioning and maintained them through operant conditioning
Watson and Rayner (1920) Acquisition of phobias via classical conditioning. W+R studied a boy called Little Albert, and used classical conditioning of associating a white rat with a loud bang to make LA acquire a phobia of white rats and similar objects.
Bounton (2007) Criticism of two-process model Bounton pointed out that evolutionary factors also play a role in phobias, but aren't mentioned in the two-process model (e.g. fear of snakes due to survival instinct of ancestors is passed down generations)
Seligman (1971) Biological preparedness Seligman suggested that people have an innate predisposition towards certain phobic stimuli, such as dangerous animals.
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