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What is malware? (*Remember to always give an example in these types of questions!*) Malware is a type of software, acting with malicious intent. [Malicious software]. Examples: Ransomware, a virus gets in the computer and restricts access until a ransom is paid. Worms, a virus gets in the computer and replicates.
What is the job of anti-virus software? What does it contain? It's used to detect viruses and prevent replication and execution. It contains a real-time scanner that checks files before they're opened, installed or executed.
What does a virus has that makes it available to be scanned by a real-time scanner? Each type of virus has a signature which can be detected. Anti-virus software contains a database of signatures, which is constantly updated with new signatures.
What is the purpose of anti-malware software? (*Remember to have available examples!*) It's used in the protection against and removal of malware... such as: +Worms +Trojan Horses +Spyware +Adware
What is a backdoor? What can a hacker do when they have a backdoor? It's a way of gaining access to a program or computer. Once a hacker has a backdoor, they can do anything they want as if they were inside the computer.
How does a firewall defend a computer from malware? (*Think of it in steps!*) 1. Creates a barrier between a trusted internal network (rest of a school network). 2. Protects all data behind the firewall.
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