Dyadic Psychology (a subdivision of Social Psychology)

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This is one of the most popular topics in modern Social Psychology especiall amongst those of the millenial generation. Here are some basic flash cards. The terms form the bases of much Liberal Arts and Humanities, i.e., cultural religious beliefs and philosophy, formal supervised clinical research in heterosexual relationships, and applied premartial counseling, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology, or Marriage and Family Therapy.

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Civil Identity 1 & 2 (binary/octet-stream) Civil Identity Civil Identity 1 & 2 (binary/octet-stream)
Civil Identity A mosiac of an individual's features (in the present tense) recognized by certain national governments such as; ancestry/ethnicity, political party, religion or beliefs, disability, race, color, age, sex, sexual (pleasure preference) orientation, marital status, etc.
Social Psychology 1.) the study of psychosocial behaviours of intact social groups. 2.) the study of the manner in which the personality, attitudes, morals, motivations, and behaviours of an individual influencing and which are influenced by social groups. 3.) the influence of social groups on the individual at any stage of life while in social development.
Social Mores a social behaviour that is (and is approved by a social group) associated with a positive outcome - benefiting society as a whole (e.g., in certain multicultural societies the distribution of practicing equally yoked couples is diverse and yet it is recognized as a valued social mores.)
Dyadic Psychology A subdivision of Social Psychology that studies the smallest social group. Dyadic Psychologists conduct clinical research studies for: Marriage and Family Therapists. Psychiatrists/ Psychotherapists, Marriage, Family, and Child Psychologists, etc. As Social Scientists they investigate Equally Yoked and/or Unequally Yoked Dyads and their successful use of precepts and principles particularly those using the tenets of Christian psychology.
Equally Yoked a term based upon a Bible lexicon meaning a man and woman who share the same 'civil identity' (or at least a very similar one). It is applied to certain couples by Christian psychologists and Professors of the Liberal Arts and Humanities.
Equallyokedtarians Any couple (e.g., a premarital, or just now marrying, or newly married, or even long term married and who are homeogenously compatible... ) who share a 'civil identity' in common.
Equallyokedtarianism The general movement of peoples worldwide (any nation) who pair-off, into twosomes - coupling-up according to a similar or the same 'civil identity'. The Human Rights of such couples may be traced to brief segmental - reformed - periods related to believers in Christian psychology.
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