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Question Answer
1. TRUE/FALSE? A) Following TB exposure/infection young children are the least vulnerable and rarely develop active TB disease. False
1. TRUE/FALSE? B) Adolescent children do not develop sputum smear positive TB and are not infectious. False
1. TRUE/FALSE? C) In children, the vast majority of those who develop active TB disease do so within 12 months of TB infection. True. Therefore children with TB provide a very accurate picture of current/ongoing TB transmission within the community.
2. TRUE/FALSE? a) Diagnosing TB in children is too difficult and a waste of time. False
2. TRUE/FALSE? b) Doing an incisional biopsy is the best way to confirm a diagnosis of TB cervical adenitis. False. FNA or excisional biopsy are preferred. Incisional biopsy will form a sinus.
2. TRUE/FALSE? c) Most children with TB will present to the TB clinic (TB program). False. They often present to a child health clinic with cough and fevers.
2. TRUE/FALSE? d) Children can be diagnosed with good accuracy using a simple logical approach. True. Confirming a TB diagnosis can be difficult in children who are unable to produce sputum, however, most children can be diagnosed with a high level of accuracy by taking a detailed TB exposure history, documenting all relevant symptoms and doing basic examinations such as a chest X-ray.
3. TRUE/FALSE? a) BCG is a poor vaccine and not important in TB endemic countries. False
3. TRUE/FALSE? b) TB preventive therapy is a luxury and can only be given to children in rich countries. False
3. TRUE/FALSE? c) Children are more difficult to treat than adults. False
3. TRUE/FALSE? d) Children do not get drug resistant TB. False
3. TRUE/FALSE? e) Children usually show excellent response to TB treatment. True. Children respond well to TB treatment (both drug susceptible and resistant). They can be easily treated with child-friendly water-dissolvable fixed-dose combination tablets and they very rarely experience side effects from first-line drugs.